It is a well-known fact today, that the world suffers more from alcoholic dependency, than every other drug which can be abused. The term alcohol, is derived from the mixture of the two chemical substances, which can be made by combining ethanol and water and the result of this combination is the intoxicating effect, which can be derived from any alcoholic beverages but, it is necessary to note as well, that the percentage of ethanol used to make one alcoholic beverage, is different from the other.

An example is a beer, which is made by the mixture of water and ethanol, having the concentration volume of 60% water and 40% ethanol. This could be said differently for alcoholic drinks such as whiskey, cognac, vodka or it’s like which possesses more ethanol than water in it, which could have a concentration volume of over, 90% ethanol and 10% water. Over the decades, of American history to the present, a survey made have estimated, that up to 3 million Americans over the years and currently, an estimated 6 million Americans, suffer from alcoholic dependency, and many affected, are children between the ages of nine to twelve. The problem of, alcoholic dependency can be attributed to one of the major health problems in America today. And as of today, records has given an estimate of 110 million dollars been obtained from healthcare and this probably has led to the loss of productivity among the people.

Today, many Americans admitted in rehab care facilities, are admitted and administered dosages of treatment, mostly on situations arizing from the use of drugs and alcohol, and with that being said. It is necessary for every individual to see the usefulness and importance of having to go to a Drug and Alcohol rehab center, to overcome this problem of alcoholic addiction. Consequently, there are three main ways in which alcoholic recovery can be dealt with and they include; through the behavioral or aptitude treatment, the popular twelve step program administration and the pharm logical treatment solution. Every rehab center chooses it methods of approach to dealing with this problem and at most cases, inpatient rehab homes use a mixture of ways to provide a better solution to every additional problem.

Alcohol addicts who are popular with the twelve step program can tell that one of the effective ways of going about solving their addiction problems even if it is an inpatient or outpatient resident, realize the helpfulness of joining and attending meetings with self-assistance groups, which could also be an effective mode of therapy for them. Many twelve step programs are even being offered within their residential facilities and they do very well at educating and enlightening the patient about how to overcome his or her addict problem even in his or her own environment.

While behavioral or attitudinal therapy, on the other hand, is focused on assisting the patient to learn the behaviors, which would make them not to relapse, quickly onto their former state of mind. But, in other to do this ,the patient firstly needs to understand what really makes them want to intoxicate himself or herself, with alcohol and if that was discovered, then the person can be successfully taught on how to avoid such circumstances in other not to relapse to his or her former drunken state of mind.

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